Hello, I. Am DAVID D. SURETECH founder of Whatsapp. – WhatsApp Kettenbrief


Nachrichten wie die nachfolgende stammen nicht von WhatsApp und es handelt sich um einen Kettenbrief:

Hello, I. Am DAVID D. SURETECH founder of Whatsapp.

Hello, I. Am DAVID D. SURETECH founder of Whatsapp. this message is to inform all of our users that we have only 53million accounts available for new phones. Our servers have recently been very congested, so we asking for your help to solve this problem. We need our active users to forward this message to every single person in their contact list in order to confirm our active users that use WhatsApp. If you do not send this message to all your contacts to WhatsApp, then your account will remain inactive with the consequence of losing all your contacts. The automatic update symbol on your SmartPhone Will appear with the transmission of this message. Your smartphone will be updated within 24 hours, and will feature a new design; a new color for the chat and the icon will change from green to azul. Whatsapp will begin to charge unless you are a frequent user. If you have at least 10 contacts send this sms and the logo will become red on your platform
to indicate that you are an active user. Tomorrow, we wil begin to take messages for whatsapp for 0.37 cents. Forward this message to more than 9 people in your contact list and the what’s app logo on your will turn blue meaning that you have
Become a free user for life.
Confirming this is the new icon WhatsApp ☑
Send it to all your contacts to update the application
♻send this to 10 people
To activate the new whatsapp calling for free version 4.0.0
100% WORKING!!! I GOT THE NEW WHATSAPP NOW… With free calls!!!

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