Security Alert. Your account was compromissed. Password must be changed.

Du hast eine E-Mail mit dem Betreff: “Security Alert. Your account was compromissed. Password must be changed.” erhalten? Dann erfahre hier was dahinter steckt und was Du umgehend tun solltest.

Der Absender der E-Mail behauptet Deinen Account gehackt zu haben und verlangt nun Geld von Dir. Danach will er Dich angeblich in Ruhe lassen.

Was überraschend ist in einigen dieser Mails wird neben der eigenen E-Mail Adresse sogar das Passwort genannt und es besteht dringender Handlungsbedarf.

Was tun bei Security Alert. Your account was compromissed. Password must be changed.

Zuerst einmal Ruhe bewahren. In den meisten Fällen ist Dein Account nicht gehackt worden und der Absender versucht so euch zu einer Zahlung per Bitcoin zu verleiten.

Ihr solltet dennoch euren E-Mail Account überprüfen und zur Sicherheit euer Passwort ändern.

Dazu schaut ihr euch mal unseren Beitrag an in dem wir erklären wie man prüfen kann ob die eigene E-Mail gehackt wurde.

Über unseren Passwortgenerator kannst Du dann noch ein sicheres Passwort online generieren.

Inhalt der E-Mail:

I’ll begin with the most important. I hacked your device and then got access to all your accounts… Including DEINEEMAIL. It is easy to check – I wrote you this email from your account. Moreover, I know your intim secret, and I have proof of this. You do not know me personally, and no one paid me to check you. It is just a coincidence that I discovered your mistake. In fact, I posted a malicious code (exploit) to an adult site, and you visited this site… While watching a video Trojan virus has been installed on your device through an exploit. This darknet software working as RDP (remote-controlled desktop), which has a keylogger, which gave me access to your microphone and webcam. Soon after, my software received all your contacts from your messenger, social network and email. At that moment I spent much more time than I should have. I studied your love life and created a good video series. The first part shows the video that you watched, and the second part shows the video clip taken from your webcam (you are doing inappropriate things). Honestly, I want to forget all the information about you and allow you to continue your daily life. And I will give you two suitable options. Both are easy to do. First option: you ignore this email. The second option: you pay me $750(USD). Let’s look at 2 options in detail. The first option is to ignore this email. Let me tell you what happens if you choose this path. I will send your video to your contacts, including family members, colleagues, etc. This does not protect you from the humiliation that you and your family need to know when friends and family members know about your unpleasant details. The second option is to pay me. We will call this “privacy advice.” Now let me tell you what happens if you choose this path. Your secret is your secret. I immediately destroy the video. You continue your life as if none of this has happened. Now you might think: “I’ll call to police!” Undoubtedly, I have taken steps to ensure that this letter cannot be traced to me, and it will not remain aloof from the evidence of the destruction of your daily life. I don’t want to steal all your savings. I just want to get compensation for my efforts that I put in to investigate you. Let us hope that you decide to create all this in full and pay me a fee for confidentiality. You make a Bitcoin payment (if you don’t know how to do it, just enter “how to buy bitcoins” in Google search) Shipping amount: $750(USD). Getting Bitcoin Addresses: 1GF8J1XRaiX2oHM7SQo9VAFAtWZcRgMncg (This is sensitive, so copy and paste it carefully) Don’t tell anyone what to use bitcoins for. The procedure for obtaining bitcoins can take several days, so do not wait. I have a spetial code in Trojan, and now I know that you have read this letter. You have 48 hours to pay. If I don’t get BitCoins, I’ll send your video to your contacts, including close relatives, co-workers, and so on. Start looking for the best excuse for friends and family before they all know. But if I get paid, I immediately delete the video. This is a one-time offer that is non-negotiable, so do not waste my and your time. Time is running out. Bye!
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