Paypal: Blocked Unauthorized Transaction

ACHTUNG! Zur Zeit werden Mails mit dem Betreff: “Blocked Unauthorized Transaction” versendet die angeblich von Paypal stammen. Dies ist jedoch nicht der Fall und Betrüger wollen einen so in die Falle locken. Im Anhang befindet sich Schadsoftware oder so. Ich kann jedem nur nahelegen den Anhang NICHT zu öffnen. Diese Mails sind ganz klar NICHT von Paypal.

Hier die Nachricht die bei mir ankam:

Anhang: formattachment.html
Wed 24/12/2014 19:21:59
Blocked transactions from an unfamiliar location using your account. IP address:

Unauthorized access has been detected in your account.

We believe someone has accessed your account without your permission. Furthermore, we have limited the access to your account.

We kindly urge you to fill the form below so that we could remove the restricted access in your account.
By completing the form, we could simply verify that you are the account holder.
Please download the form (it is attached in this email) and open it in your web browser.

We will review the information carefully and remove any limitations that has been set on your account once you have been verified.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you,
PayPal Security Department

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