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Hat noch jemand die nachfolgende Mail bekommen mit dem Betreff: “INVESTMENT OFFER AND AN URGENT SOS MESSAGE TOO!”?
Kann den Inhalt nicht so recht zuordnen da mich immer wieder ähnliche Mails erreichen. Soll man auf so etwas reagieren oder ignorieren?


This is a partnership, investment offer and an urgent SOS message too.
My name is Daniel Martinez Bacale an Equatorial Guinea citizen. My country is a very small West African oil rich country with a population of about 800,000 people. But unfortunately the oil wealth of the country is badly mismanaged by an autocratic, despotic,openly corrupt and ruthless leader -President Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo who came to power through coup since 3rd August 1979 .
I worked with him for years as his chief of protocol and by virtue of such a privilege position i travelled to many countries with him and his eldest son.But,our relationship has turned sour and he has put a price on my head and surely i will be killed if i return to my country while President Teodoro Obiang is still in power. When they failed to get me they sent government secret state police/agents to have my aged parents murdered in controversial circumstances in our family house in Malabo which is the country’s capital city, inview of the open threat to my life i am presently seeking political asylum in a prime European country. In my country there is no rule of law and justice.
Before my relationship with our President and his family went bad i helped him to lodged the sum of US$18,500,000{Eighteen Million,Five Hundred Thousand U.S Dollars}in PHYSICAL CASH with a PRIME private finance/securities company here in Western Europe and all the deposit documentations were issued in my name for security reasons.
While seeking political asylum here in Europe i am confined to a camp like others and our movement and activities is heavily restricted and monitored, meanwhile, I have given the documents of the cash deposit to a trusted personal friend of mine who will speak with you and work out the modalities of how best to ensure that you help us manages this money well.
You will be entitled to 30% of this fund for your help, use 10% strictly for CHARITABLE causes in my name in your city/state and i will give you power of attorney to invest the remainder 60% into any profitable business venture in your city/country also in my name.
This is a CRY for HELP, an URGENT SOS message. I look forward to your positive response with your FULL names, your contact address,age,occupation,contact phone number, your private e-mail address and your nationality and i will oblige you more further details of this offer.In anticipation of your urgent and positive reply,i remain,
Thankfully Your’s,
Daniel Martinez Bacale.

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